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Zine Callout-- Are you a non-binary trans person? (Zine: stories and advice for service providers) ↘


Please post if you think people would be interested:

Zine Callout— Are you a non-binary trans person?
(Zine: stories and advice for service providers)

I’m a non-binary person and I’m going to a panel of non-binary people talking to LGBTQ+ service providers at an LGBTQ+…

Society often blurs the lines between drag queens and trans women. This is highly problematic, because many people believe that, like drag queens, trans women go home, take off their wigs and chest plates, and walk around as men. Trans womanhood is not a performance or costume.

- Janet Mock, Redefining Realness (via inextinguishabledesires)

CeCe McDonald visits Sylvia Rivera Law Project, introduces the newest edition of our Prisoner Advisory Committee publication In Solidarity! ↘


I’m thrilled to have written the introduction for this issue of In Solidarity put together by my brilliant co-worker Gabriel Foster.  

In Solidarity is written for and by mostly incarcerated trans and gender non conforming people, so it was especially amazing to have CeCe come to our office to introduce this issue.  It features essays and artwork by incarcerated members of the SRLP’s Prisoner Advisory Committee, writing by Janet Mock, a 1970 interview between Sylvia Rivera and a trans person incarcerated in Bellvue Hospital and more!


untitled by Djuno Tomsni on Flickr.
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What did Mac demarco do?


made a rape joke and when he was called out all he said “too bad”

his bassist got up during a show and graphically described how he beats his wife (video of the last bit of it) (transcript sort of)

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My name is Maura. 21 in BVT. Just yr average queer femme witch princess i guess. I aspire for intersectional feminism and enjoy cats quite a lot. ***I am non binary, use they/them pronouns please*** Pictures of Me // About Me